Sentiment Analysis of Indonesian Government Policy in the Environmental Sector Using Machine Learning Method

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Amy Fontanella
Hidayatul Ihsan
Zhi-Hao Wang


The study aims to analyse government policies related to the issuance of PP no. 22/2021 based on sentiment analysis on social media, especially Twitter. Data collection is using three keywords such as coal waste, FABA waste and toxic waste through Twitter API. 236 tweets are obtained and labelled into positive and negative sentiments. The dataset is grouped into training and testing data. Training data consists of 50 tweets and testing data consists of 186 tweets. The cleansing process is carried out by tokenizing, transform cases, stop word filters and comparison of classification models. The results showed that the public opinions tended to be negative sentiments with the accuracy rate is 77.40%.  

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Fontanella, A., Hendrick, Ihsan, H., Wang, Z.-H., & Igra. (2021). Sentiment Analysis of Indonesian Government Policy in the Environmental Sector Using Machine Learning Method. Rafgo, 1(2), 1–5. Retrieved from


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